Markel agents, meet on-demand business insurance.

Designed for the gig economy, the short-term coverage Verifly offers is completely unique: workers can get insured for an hour, a day, a week, and all the way up to a year.

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Offer your customers on-demand, by-the-job insurance

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Hundreds covered!

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From an hour to a year and everything in between

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Choose between a $1 million or $2 million policy

Customers get insured in under 30 seconds

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How It Works

1. Once you sign up for our agent program, we will give you a unique Broker ID. This ID will allow you to send your clients to our website or app, where you will be credited for every purchase! 

Verifly also allows you to embed our purchase widget onto your own website, so your customers can purchase on-demand insurance through your site.

2. Customer events like quoting, purchasing, extending, and more will be tracked and accredited to your account. You can log in to your Broker Portal anytime to see your customers interaction.

3. Thats it! You will get a commission for each and every policy they purchase with Verifly. Commissions for purchases are paid once a month.