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If you’re in the business of ideas, the right policy can keep you grounded. With on-demand coverage for jobs as short as an hour or up to a full year, our General Liability insurance policies are built to meet your business’s unique needs.


Who Consultant Insurance is For

As a consultant, you work hard to provide the very best level of service to your clients each and every day. General Liability insurance helps you stay focused on your clients and shows them you are a serious professional. General Liability insurance from Verifly is customized to meet the needs of consultants like you.

Why Consultants Need Insurance

General Liability insurance, also referred to as Commercial General Liability insurance or business liability insurance, is the most fundamental insurance coverage a business can purchase. It protects a business against the risk of unintentional accidents, which include bodily injury and property damage to a third party.

Bodily Injury

A client is discussing the details of a project in your office. When the client is leaving, he trips over your laptop bag which is on the floor. He trips and falls injuring his weak knee and requires hospitalization.

Property Damage

You are meeting in a client’s office. While walking towards them, you trip over a cord and knock over an expensive lamp. The client wants you to reimburse her for the cost of the lamp.

Verifly's General Liability Insurance in Action

as low as $5 per hour,

$7 per day,

$15 per month,

with a $0 deductible

How Much Does General Liability Insurance for Consultants Cost?

Our premium pricing is determined on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis, depending on your needs. Our rates start at $5/hour, $7/day, and $15/month with $0 deductible for a $1 million policy.

Rather than committing to an expensive annual plan, this flexibility allows you to purchase coverage exactly when and for how long you need it, making it the most affordable option on the market for on-demand General Liability insurance.

Certificate of Insurance for Consultants

A certificate of insurance (COI) is a physical or electronic document that provides proof to anyone you work with that you have a valid insurance policy in place.

Verifly issues all policyholders and Additional Insureds with an ACORD certificate of insurance. A COI is important because, quite simply, it is the document that provides you with proof that you have insurance.

In addition to the peace of mind that a COI provides for you as a small business owner or freelance worker, many companies that you provide services to may ask to be added as an Additional Insured to your policy so that they are covered for any damage you may cause within the scope of work you provide to them.

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Why Consultants Choose Verifly

Flexible Insurance From 1 Hour*

For the first time ever, you can get insurance for an hour, a day, up to a full year and everything in between. Never overpay for insurance or get locked in again.

Rely on Verifly

All policies are underwritten by A-Rated insurers, including Markel Insurance Company, a Fortune 500 company with over $30B in assets.

Customized for You

Verifly understands the unique risks of different businesses. Customize your policy and add unlimited, free Additional Insureds.

Instant Certificate of Insurance

Buy a $1M or $2M policy in seconds. Instant ACORD certificate and 24/7 access to policy documents.

24/7 Claims Support

Report claims on-the-go by email or via a 24/7 toll-free hotline.

iOS and Android App

Purchase additional policies, share certificates and add additional Insureds.
* Eligibility, pricing and coverage may vary by state, activity / class and other factors.

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* Eligibility, pricing and coverage may vary by state, activity / class and other factors.

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